A Steadfast Commitment to Health, Safety, and the Environment

Because We Really Are Committed…

Capex is committed to ensuring the health and safety of our employees and all others involved in, or impacted by, our operations while at the same time protecting the environment in which we work and conduct our activities. Reducing our carbon footprint is part of Capex’s environmental responsibility. We help our customers make sustainable choices by offering them innovative applications and eco-friendly processes and equipment.

An Overview of the Capex Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Program

  • Our HSE program affects every decision we make and our employees are constantly undergoing new and improved training.
  • We use state-of-the-art equipment with the latest safety and environmentally sound features.
  • We monitor the performance of all equipment through our maintenance program and QA/QC programs to ensure a safe and efficient working environment.
  • Our HSE department maintains open communication with our customers and ensures that while complying with standards set out by governing agencies, we also meet the high standards our customers expect.
  • Our environmental aims are to contribute to the overall reduction in our industry’s environmental footprint through innovative applications, processes, and equipment.

Setting the Highest Standards in Health, Safety, and Environment – Friendly Practices

Capex exceeds states and federal legislation for both occupational health and safety, as well as environmental standards. We are proud of the fact that each of our employees is dedicated to safety and that our incident rates are well below industry standards. We are registered with ISNetworld.

We are committed to achieving zero lost-time incidents by:

  • Integrating health and safety into day to day operations
  • Instilling a strong safety culture
  • Employing competent personnel who are trained and equipped to complete their jobs in a safe manner
  • Empowering and educating each employee – their role is critical to the success of our HSE program

Positive benefits of our HSE program include:

  • Reduced injuries
  • Decreased incidents and associated costs
  • Improved work environment
  • Better employee morale, less employee turnover, and absenteeism
  • Increased productivity and better quality of work
  • Regimented equipment maintenance ensuring limited downtime
  • Increased management awareness, leadership, and commitment

For more information please contact hse@capexoilfield.com with any comments, questions, and concerns!