Capex Research and Development

From Imagination to Innovation

Continuous innovation and improvement are essential components of our success. Our in-house Research & Development team follows a well-documented process to design innovative and efficient products and services. Many of these products and services have successfully moved from the drawing board to the job site. These designs have optimized the drilling process through reduced drilling time, reduced water usage, and increased recycling of drilling fluids.

Our technical team members use an analytical approach, consolidating knowledge gathered from focus group discussions and case studies.

Our R&D methods include:

  • Evaluation of current processes and products
  • Customer insights
  • Grassroots development and employee feedback
  • Health, Safety and Environmental initiatives
  • Market trends and advancements
  • Cost-benefit evaluations
  • Prototype development
  • Field quality testing before proceeding to commercial production
  • Applied QA/QC initiatives

Our mission is to bring new products to our customers and take on a pioneering role in the industry.

Imagine • Design • Build • Refine