Office Porch

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Made for the busy company man in mind. This versatile office unit is easily maneuvered on location to slide up beside the company man’s house. The benefit of having the “office” beside “home” is that you can leave the office, enjoy your large kitchen, living room, washroom and bedroom, and get back to the office without having to go outside. With the large entrance to the office, customers, employees and rig hands have lots of room to wait for their turn to speak to the company man without ever stepping un-invited into his office.


  • All electric heat
  • Couch
  • Water cooler
  • 48″ LCD TV
  • Satellite fed television
  • Large filing storage, large desk, room for two office high back swivel chairs
  • Air conditioning
  • Plenty of lighting
  • Large windows to watch the activities on location
  • no carpet for cleanliness
  • Large BBQ
  • Solid built, high insulation, warm accommodation