Water & Environmental Technologies
(W.E.T. System)


Apex Water & Environmental Technologies has partnered with a global leader to offer the W.E.T. System, a Ceramic Membrane technology suitable for Canadian Oilfield applications. Apex has combined their expertise in engineering, design and more importantly operational safety & excellence to provide a solution for the treatment of Produced Water. Treatment is portable & flexible, capable of handling fluctuations in feed water quality and Total Suspended Solids (TSS).


How it Works

Ceramic Membranes or ultrafiltration technology has a long history in industrial water treatment, including oil-containing wastewaters. Recent, local studies have demonstrated that ceramic membranes are a viable solution for the treatment of produced water.

Treated water or permeate is free of suspended solids and all non-dissolved organic carbon is removed. Recoveries range from 90 – 95% with no restrictions on flow. Membranes are capable of processing all TSS levels, independent of salt type and concentration. An automated back-flush program controls membrane fouling.


  • 95% water recovery
  • Reduced disposal costs
  • 30m³/hr – 45m³/hr production
  • Modular 40’ containerized design
  • Fully winterized
  • -50 – +80°C
  • Cleans-in-place
  • Low energy
  • Reduces hydrocarbon content
  • Significantly lowers TSS
  • Filters out bacteria
  • Data logging
  • Fully automated with PLC