Stripping Centrifuge Floc Tanks (SCFT)

Stripping Centrifuge Floc TanksStripping Centrifuge Floc Tanks


  • The most versatile tank available in the industry today
  • Completely unitized tank for easy onsite solids separation
  • 300BBL Volume
  • 3 Polymer Pumps
  • Built in Polymer Tank (2 X 4.5m3 tanks)
  • Reduced trucking expenses
  • Single load
  • Eliminates the need for a picker truck
  • Steam coils for cold weather operation
  • Platform is hydraulically raised and lowered
  • Working at heights is eliminated
  • Engineered stairways with hand-rails
  • High pressure check-valves
  • Single load (centrifuge, stand & pump)
  • No picker truck required (to raise or lower centrifuge)
  • Cold weather rated
  • Halide lighting on all levels
  • Power – 480V, 30amp 3 phase
  • Eliminate Matting